The Closing Stage of Joglitfest 2019

The Closing Stage of Joglitfest 2019

The closing stage of Yogyakarta Literature Festival (Joglitfest) 2019 was held on Monday (30/09/2019) by presenting a  series of poetry reading by writers and some music performances. Bustan Basir Maras got the first chance to read his poem.

The poem recited by Maras entitled Di Teras Malam, was not taken from the antology of participants’ literary works titled Gregah: Kumpulan Puisi dan Geguritan Joglitfest 2019.

Three other writers took their turns in reading poetry. Muhammad Yasir recited a poem entitled Kebimbangan and Kepada Mahmoud Darwish. Wida Waridah and Irmansyah closed the literature reading session.

After that, Kota dan Ingatan performed five songs. One of them titled Alur. It was response to the repressive actions of the authorities which were still happening today. The rock band from Yogyakarta supports the rejection of the problematic bill carried out by civil elements such as students.

“We support these actions and perhaps some people in this area are one of them,” said Aditya Prasanda, Kota dan Ingatan’s vocalist.

The closing ceremony of Joglitfest 2019 was held after the band got off from the stage. Several committees, expert teams and curator teams went onstage. Rully Andriadi as the 3rd Chairman of Joglitfest 2019 thanked to all the people who had contributed to the succeed of the event. Various series of Joglitfest events had been held since August 20, 2019 and ended on September 30, 2019.

“Of course we first say to the Ministry of Education and Culture, then the Vredeburg Museum’s Management. Thank you to our curator colleagues, expert team, Indonesiana, and appreciation to writers from outside Yogyakarta and all participants who attended,” said Rully.

For Rully, Joglitfest 2019 is still far from perfect and many things are lacking. He said they will be fixed. Representing the committee, Rully hopes to meet again in Joglitfest 2020.

“By saying thank God, Yogyakarta Literature Festival 2019 was declared to be closed and finished. See you at the 2020 literary festival,” he said.

The event was closed with the performance of Kopi Basi with some of its flagship songs. Lagu Anak, Tempe Satu, and Bapak colored the night of Joglitfest 2019’s closing. (Translated by Handa Taulan)