Pantomime: Learn to Share Spaces and Eliminate Egoism

Pantomime: Learn to Share Spaces and Eliminate Egoism

The third day of Joglitfest 2019, Monday (30/09/2019), a group of children performed a pantomime. The show entitled Filosofi Kopi. It was a story about a coffee maker learning.

The performance took place under the flagpole in front of the Benteng Vredeburg Museum’s service center. Through a humorous and joyful movement of the parade, they transformed the courtyard into a coffee-making room.

During the show, the audiences never stopped smiling. The children smuggled happiness. The bussy Monday became cooler as they pantomimed well. It was a combination of attractive motion and innocence.

The show closed their series of performance. At the first day, they performed Pelajaran Mengarang, at the second day they made a story for lovers, and finally the third day is the day of Filosofi Kopi. All the stories were inspired by the literary works of Indonesian writers.

The children were assisted by their teacher, Jamaludin Latief and Rumah Pantomim Yogyakarta. Jamal said the group was made from the extracurricular activities at Muhammadiyah Kleco Elementary School. It had been running for two years.

Instead of telling the children to remember the motions, Jamal asked the student to deliver their ideas through it.

“Many of our performances were born from their improvisation, apart from being trained,” Jamal said.

According to Jamal, the children really like pantomime because motion is something that is very close to the children. Pantomime can train discipline, cooperation, sharing space, and eliminating egoism.

Pantomime extracurricular in Muhammadiyah Kleco Elementary School are lively. He told that there was one student got fever. He did not want to go to school, but he went to the mime extracurricular. (Translated by Handa Taulan)