This general, open program is a part of the festival that enables the stakeholders to reach a diverse layers of society, especially in the city and districts in DI Yogyakarta, both from the actors as well as audience perspectives. The literary event forms cover:

a).  Art and Literary Stage

It presents reading and staging forms of literary works performed in public space setting, studio, art building or cultural sites around the city of Yogyakarta, Bantul, Sleman, Kulon Progo, and Gunung Kidul.

b). Visual Literature Installation

It installs/shows.visualises various quotes selected by the curators from poems, short stories, novels and plays by Yogyakarta writers. The works are showcased or publicised in various public spaces such as train station, airport, terminal, campus, streets, and other strategic places around the city of Yogyakarta.

c). Literary Reading Park

It brings literacy event in public spaces, especially in tourism village or cultural village in DI Yogyakarta, through events related to the creative efforts to invite the community to read literary books and the possibilities to understand and relate them with the daily life. This event is conducted and funded by stakeholders, including the selection and decision for the venues.

d). Literary Documentation Center

It creates a Yogyakarta online literary data base connected with other literary data bases in Indonesia. This includes:

  • History and dynamics of the growth of literature.
  • Biography of authors and literary books.
  • Profiles and activities of literary communities.
  • Visual and audio-visual documentations of literary events.
  • Documentation on paper, essay, critique and results of research on literature.