This program is a series of scientific events directed to study/discuss the most literary works and issues by literary experts as well as practitioners in symposium, seminar, discussion, literary lecture and workshop settings.

a). International Literary Seminar

This event invites domestic as well as foreign literary experts to academically study literature, focused on contemporary issues related to “glokal” (global-local) literature, under the main heading “Yogyakarta in the Glokal Literary Constellation.” The sub-topics of the seminar are:

  1. Glokalitas Issues in Literature
  2. Yogyakarta Diaspora
  3. Yogyakarta Literature Contribution
  4. Yogyakarta as a Source of Inspiration for Literature

b). Literatry Discussion/Literacy Lecture

The event is conducted together with stakeholders (cultural institution/university) to discuss literature/literary issues in general with the main theme “Thinking Creatively with Man of Letters.” The sub-topic in this discussion are Literary Dynamics in Online World and Meaning of Literature in the Real World (daily life).

c). Millenial Generation Literary Discussion

This event acts as a meeting point for a number of writers selected to participate for the festival, youths and young writers, especially literary teachers and students.