This program is designed as an attempt to grow and socialise literary works through various expressions of performance art in the public space. It provides creative spaces for the participants as well as contributes alternative ideas for a new performance art with inspiration from literary texts. It is aimed at changing current perception so that the diverse forms and types of expressions in literary works do not cease to be personal as they are read in books, but can be enjoyed and lived as well in a mass setting.

In addition, the event program can be interpreted further as a unique character of Joglitfest. This literary performance presents various forms of expression of literary adaptation based on/cultivated on/interpreted from poem, short story and novel texts into traditional performance art convention, modern as well contemporary, in single, group and colossal settings. The literary performance are:

1). Literary Reading

It presents writers participating in the festival, or writers specially invited to read their works, from poem and short story to novel excerpts.

2). Literary Staging

It presents group/community selected by the curators and agreed by the committee or the local government (from where the group comes) to stage/perform adaptation of literary works by Indonesian writers, whether poem, short story or novel, into performance art form, covering expressions such as:

  1. Musicalization (musical performance form).
  2. Dramatization/fragmentation (theatrical performance form).
  3. Choreography (dance performance form)
  4. Other art forms that use literary text as a basic material.

c). Literary Film Screening

It presents, shows or screens theatre movies as well as short movies which story/script is based on literary works.