This program brings conversation, launching and process of publication, bazaar/exhibition/expo as well as sale of literary books involving a wide range of national and local publishers. The literary market includes the following events:

a).  Literary Books Exhibition and Sale

It conducts exhibition and sale of literary books, including books by writers who are participants of the festival, and other books related to tradition, art and culture conducted during the duration of the festival.

b). Literary Manuscripts Exhibition

In a simultaneous space and time setting, it conducts special exhibition for literary manuscripts, both classic and modern, and also conducts special meeting between publishers and writers (modern literary work drafts of poem, prose and play) to discuss matters related to publication process, agreement between the publisher and the writer, as well as marketing of books in online and offline settings.

c). Joint Launching of Literary Books

It conducts special event for joint launching of literary books by Indonesian writers, focused on books by writers who participate in the festival, published in 2019. It works in cooperation with the publisher or the writer related to respective books, and, when possible, conducted everyday with different topics.