Indonesiana Cultural Platform

Indonesiana Cultural Platform

In April 2017, Law No. 5/2017 on the Advancement of Culture was made. It marked a new chapter  in the Indonesian cultural sector. The law emphasized the state obligation to improve the national culture. It was mandated by article 32 section (1) of the Indonesian Constitution. The law became a guideline on how to promote the National Culture holistically and in an integrated way through protection, development, utilization and coaching.

Starting from this point, the Directorate General of Culture of the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture initiated the Indonesiana Platform. It is an integrated management mechanism for festivals or cultural events that are organized by the Regional Government, supported by the Central Government and carried out by all stakeholders in a joint workplace.

Indonesiana is a Cultural Mutual Cooperation Platform which consolidates the use of cultural development resources strategically. It is not intended to standardize any festival or cultural event in Indonesia, but rather to strengthen the cultural ecosystem, improve the quality and amplify the impact of each festival or event in it. Indonesiana is not a festival. It supports the strategic cultural events to create an impact on strengthening the cultural ecosystem.

In addition to the mutual cooperation and connection, another element that has to be fulfilled is the cultural ecosystem. Every cultural activity which is based on the Indonesian Platform should not only requires crowd and cultural performances. It has a “task” to create an impact that strengthens the cultural ecosystem.

In 2018, the Indonesiana Platform has been implemented in 9 regions. It will be increased into 10 regions. The festivals supported by this platform includes: Festival Sindoro Sumbing in Temanggung and Wonosobo; Festival Tradisi Lisan Adi-Adi in South Oku (South Sumatera); Cerita dari Blora in Blora (Central Java); Foho Rai Festival in Belu (NTT); Festival Inerie in Ngada (NTT); Jakarta International Literary Festival in DKI Jakarta; Festival Lamaholot in Flores Timur (NTT); Festival Saman in Gayo Lues, Aceh; Festival Seni Multatuli in Lebak (Banten); Festival Panji in East Java; Festival Budaya Bumi Reyog in Ponorogo; Festival Caitra Majapahit in Mojokerto; Silek Art Festival in West Sumatera; Festival Rera Tumding in West Halmahera; Amboina Music Festival in Ambon; Pesta Kolintang in Tomohon; Gurindam Dua Belas in Tanjung Pinang, etc.

Especially for the Special Region of Yogyakarta, Indonesiana Platform supports the Jogja Literary Festival (Joglitfest). Literature is one of the objects of cultural advancement. It has a major role in building the civilization. The ecosystem of contemporary literature and tradition is strongly marked by the growing number of literary communities, literary works and independent publishers. Unfortunately, there has never been a festival that specifically promotes the literary culture in Yogyakarta. It is expected that through cooperation between Directorate General of Culture of Indonesia -through the Indonesiana Platform-, Yogyakarta Cultural Office, literary communities and other institutions, literature in Yogyakarta becomes one of the national and world literary axes. (Translated by Handa Taulan)