Giving Meaning to Calligraphy

Giving Meaning to Calligraphy

The last day of Javanese Literature Workshop, a part of Joglitfest 2019, was guided by Suhadi, a calligraphy artists, at Melia Purosani Hotel, Yogyakarta (2019/9/30). There were 60 participants from Senior High Schools who were required to create calligraphy after receiving the materials.

Giandar Ryandita from SMK 3 Kasihan created calligraphy using shadow puppet mountain form with her own name. Meanwhile, Sigit Bayu Cahyanto from SMK 1 Ngawen created calligraphy in Semar form that read “Bojoshiro arso mardi kamardikan.”

According to Sigit who won the Bantul Calligprahy Contest when he was in 1st class, Semar is a shadow puppet figure whom bring peace to the world, meaning that man are given the greatest opportunity to create.

Ela Nuraini from SMAN 1 Sentolo created calligraphy that read “Ati Suci Marganing Rahayu” in Javanese letters and had a heart shape. Ela was glad she had this kind of materials because she was required to practice directly. At school, she only learned to draw calligprahy without giving it shape.

Suhadi let participants to be free in creating works from any media. They might use paper, tablet or directly on laptop using Corel Draw. He hoped that through this activity, students will gain new knowledge that Javanese calligprahy can be sold through various media, such as shirt, book cover, institution logo and so on. (Translated by An. Ismanto)