Gamasutra and Trunojoyo Murder Tragedy

Gamasutra and Trunojoyo Murder Tragedy

The third direct fine literature drawing session on Monday (30/09/3019) was different. The draftsman was usually accompanied by random readers. Anyone could take part in reading the story because it used Indonesian language. But on the last night, Gamasutra took over that role.

Gamasutra read the Babad Trunajaya using Javanese and Maduranese languages. Madura accent was felt so strong. They understood the dialect very well. One of Gamasutra personnel, named Siyem, looked more prominent. Her voice was firm and the intonatione was appropriate.

Wong Madura kang padha njajari

tumbak binang wetara nembelas

tandhu tinedhengan cindhe

sakehe kang angepung

 Siyem’s voice echoed around the stage and strengthen her magical impression. Enka Komariah, the draftsman, was busy applying his brush to the picture. The red color above the severed head and a man holding a sword illustrated the tragedy.

Babad Trunajaya indeed contains a tragic story. Trunojoyo, a duke in Madura, was involved in the struggle in Java against the invaders. He married the daughters of the king to strengthen the base of defense on this island.

One day, Trunojoyo was invited to a banquet by a king. He was required to leave his weapons. Damn, he fell into a trap. The king allied with the Dutch betrayed him. Trunojoyo was killed. His head was cut down.

“The head of Trunojoyo was cut down and put into a stone mortar. The king ordered his wife and concubine to pound the head until it was destroyed,” said Siyem, a student of Javanese Literature at Gadjah Mada University.

This is Gamasutra’s fourth performance at Joglitfest 2019. Every day, they read Javanese texts. In this literary festival, Gamasutra presented a new form of performance, out of the common standard.

“Actually, Gamasutra is a musical community. But, we are creating a new form of performance for Joglitfest,” concluded Siyem. (Translated by Handa Taulan)