Enka Komariah Interprets Babad Trunajaya in Joglitfest Fine Literature 2019

Enka Komariah Interprets Babad Trunajaya in Joglitfest Fine Literature 2019

Sound of traditional drum called gender was heard. The night became alive. A note was written on the white screen of Joglitfest’s Fine Literature stage. It was said Babad Trunajaya.

It was Monday (30/09/2019), precisely after the evening prayer. Audiences came to the area that had been prepared by the committee. Enka Komariah interpreted the content of Babad Trunaja through his paintings. It was presented on a transparent mica sheet which was displayed with a projector. Enka’s performance was completed with some songs sung by Sanggar Kinanti Sekar Yogyakarta.

“Actually I visualize the contents of the babad, it is like llustrating story in an old manuscript, in this case the story I chose was Babad Trunajaya,” explained Enka.

He admitted that he needed all day preparation to paint on transparent mica paper. Another requirement needed for this appearance, and it was quite difficult to find, was the early edition projector as it was used that night.

Enka said he had an interest in learning old Javanese manuscript. He saw that what Joglitfest 2019 offered had a relevance to it. Some of his works were also inspired the the ancien text, for example Serat Centhini and Babad Tanah Jawi.

Enka wore a black shirt at that night. He tied his long hair. He said that the knowledge about ancient manuscript is very important to be presented to the public. One of them was offered by Joglitfest.

“I feel, it is very important that such activities continue, especially in Yogyakarta which is the City of Education and City of Culture. People who visit, students, or anyone who comes to Yogya, of course, must know these literary relics as well,” he said. (Translated by Handa Taulan)