Sanggar Seni Kinanti Sekar

Sanggar Seni Kinanti Sekar was founded by Sekar Kinanti Rahina in 2015 at Jalan Brigjen Katamso, Yogyakarta. It provides some classes, such as dancing, singing, lettering and dancing for men. Hundreds of learners joined the classes. Sanggar Kinanti Sekar has been bringing Indonesian traditional dances to many countries. “There are three main points in Sanggar Seni […]

Komunitas Kutub (Hasyim Asy’ari Boarding School)

There is a unique Islamic Boarding School at the edge of the provincial road that leads to the famous Parangtritis Beach. The unique quality lies in their routine. In addition to religious studies, they also have weekly literature studies every week, precisely on Friday night. Albeit their formal name, however, the organisation is more well […]

Jejak Imaji Literary Learning Group

A writing community was created as a result of curiosities. A writer needs media and space to work. Jejak Imaji was born due to this phenomenon. Jejak Imaji is a group for literary learning. It is created because the discussion and expression spaces in the campus world are limited. From the beginning, Jejak Imaji has […]

Klub Buku Yogyakarta (KBY)

Klub Buku Yogyakarta (Yogyakarta Book Club), known more for its abbreviation KBY, is an non-profit community organisation founded on 2 April 2012. In the beginning, KBY objective is to gather book readers in Twitter, especially they who lived in Yogyakarta and Indonesia in general. At the time of this writing, KBY has 200 followers. At […]